What is a Drink

It's not how many "drinks" that you have, but how much alcohol that you consume. In charts and statistics a "drink" is normally defined as:

  • One 12 oz. beer
  • One shot of 80 Proof liquor or
  • One 4-5 oz glass of wine.

BEER - An "average" beer has about 5% alcohol content, but beers can vary in alcohol content too. An "ice" beer has a higher content, some as high as 7% by volume and some of the light beers are much lower alcohol content. Malt liquor is higher in alcohol content than the average beer Some draft beers are more than 12-oz. They can be 16, 18 or 22 oz - almost the equivalent of two "drinks" in one beer.

MIXED DRINKS - "averages" are based on typical drink recipes using 80 proof liquors. The amount of alcohol in actual mixed drinks may vary. For example a rum drink may have a range of proof in rums from 80 proof to "151" rum (named for it's proof). And that assumes that is it measured accurately when the drink is prepared.

A shot of apple Schnapps has less alcohol content than the same size shot of the average tequila.

WINES & WINE COOLER - vary in alcohol content also, but are normally a closer range so that one wine cooler or one 4-5 oz glass of wine will be the equivalent of one "drink."

BOTTOM LINE: Not all "drinks" are alike.
Be sure you know the alcohol content of the "drink" that you are having.