Do You Have a Drinking Problem

It is not the intention of the B.R.A.D. Organization to address alcoholism problems. Please review the following chart and visit the web site below.

Alchoholics Anonymous

This web site answers frequently asked questions about alcoholism

Difference between use and misuse






No alcohol consumption: personal, religious, health or other reasons

No affect on academics/ health/ personal life

Socially acceptable drinking

Control over consumption

Choose when/how much drink

Misuse on occasion

No affect on academics/ health/ personal life

Use harmful to self/others

Negative affect academics/ health/ relationship

Weekend excessive use

Behavioral issues

Pattern of drinking more than intended

Planned / consistent misuse


Pattern of drinking more than intended


May blackout

Feel compelled, rather than choosing

Alcohol must be present for a good time

No control

Compelled to drink

Intoxication / regularly

Primary focus of activities

Continue use despite problems

Blackouts occur

Needs help to overcome

“Thinking about Drinking”: Counseling and Career Development Center, Bowling Green State University Misuse and Abuse may be seen as socially acceptable on college campuses.