Birthday Cards


The program began at MSU in April 1999. Over 130 US colleges and universities in 31 states and the District of Columbia have mailed B.R.A.D. birthday cards to their students. Twenty-five other schools have used some part of the program.

Your university would need to be actively involved in the distribution of the cards at the appropriate time as is violates privacy laws for the schools to give us the student information

We can supply the school with the birthday cards and wallet card insert at out cost listed below.

Cost each:
   >> Birthday card with envelope $.18
   >> Laminated Wallet Card $.15

Bradley’s parents have been signing cards that go to some of the schools. Other schools want them unsigned or add a second signature-i.e. a student government representative or a peer or school administrator sign.

We ask all schools to keep the card as personal as possible by doing things like using stamps instead of metered postage and hand addressing (or using a computer font that simulates handwriting) instead of a less personal address label.

We can answer any questions that you have and representatives from participating schools will also answer questions or concerns.

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