About Us


Impart information that will encourage and enable responsible decision making concerning alcohol.


To educate young adults (high school and college age) and their parents as to the responsible use of alcohol, the effects of alcohol and how to deal with excess use by others.


To work with high schools, colleges, other organizations and institutions to communicate information about responsible use of alcohol. Address high school and college age young adults and their parents as appropriate.

The organization will distribute educational information. Those under the legal drinking age will hear that the only responsible choice is NON-USE and learn the consequences of breaking the law. Those of legal drinking age will be advised of the laws relative to the use of alcohol as they apply to adults. 

The information will describe:

  • The effects of alcohol on the body.

  • How to recognize the effects on oneself and others.

  • How to encourage responsible use (for those of legal drinking age).

  • How to determine when medical attention is necessary and to err on the side of safety in making that decision to call for help

For any questions feel free to contact us on contact@brad21.org